When it comes to lifting heavy industrial roller doors or roll-up shutters, put the Axess Pro Series 3100 range on your list.

Axess Pro 3100

This industrial opener features a powerful inverter driven motor, making it ideal for large heavy-duty doors up to 36m² in size. And it only requires a standard power point for installation, delivering all the industrial shutters opener power you need through its custom- designed inverter. And with scalable logic and safety options, you can customise the operation of the opener to your needs.

While it’s undoubtedly strong enough to do the heavy lifting, it’s also got innovative features for serious smarts.

Axess Pro 3100 features:

Secure transmitters

With the Axess Pro 3100’s TrioCode 128 transmitter system, you can be sure of secure and reliable access every time. Using a revolutionary new coding system, the TrioCode will simultaneously transmit on three different frequencies. This means even if a neighbouring unit or business is competing for the same frequency–and jamming it as a result–your industrial door will still open.

Soft start/soft stop

Increasing the speed at the start and end of each cycle reduces stress on the industrial roller door, helping to maintain performance life.

Choose your control options

Operate your industrial rolling door opener using either a simple manual console, or the optional integrated logic control system with LCD screen.

Quiet, heavy-duty gearbox

The high stepdown ratio gearing provides the power and reliability you need, but with minimal noise.

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